Roulette Bots

Below a comprehensive list of the roulette bots we found online. We will keep this list updated, if you have more bots that you want us to test, contact us at

Roulette Robot App – This robot uses different strategies, you just need to choose the one you prefer (fibonacci, martingale, etc. etc.) and the bot will play it for you. Pretty simple and straightforward.

Roulette Bot Pro – This comes with a price (97$ as for today), and a promise of good earning. It uses different strategies, but it has the cool idea to let the bot spins the roulette for free, using the free results to predict the next outcome.

Roulette Pilot – The website is in german, but this doesn’t have to scare us (google translator can help). They have a good free demo version (so that you can try it, before paying 60€ for the full version), and that is a good plus. It gives a lot of info to the player (after all they are germans), so better be prepared to study datas before betting.

Gold Roulette Software –  Also here we have the option to try it out for free, with a demo version, and customize the strategy till you are confortable with going for real money. Seems a little easier then Roulette Pilot above, but we reccomend to try them both.