iGaming Business & Global Gaming Expo Merging

These days we have witnessed a new fusion in the gambling industry: G2E, known as Global Gaming Expo, has merged with iGaming Business.

For those who do not know them, the first one is the most important international gambling conference; the last one we’re coming from mentioning has an interesting description for its activities: ‘Information, Insight and Analysis for the Business of Interactive Gaming.’ Basically iGaming Business, today fortunately mobile, too, is the magazine you don’t have to miss if you want to know everything that happens in the world of gaming – here included casinos, poker rooms, sportsbetting, bingo rooms and games.

The new agreement is great news for all those involved in the industry, as the new product will surely keep the best of the two entities, while certainly coming up with some innovations that will mark up a step forward in the marketing of many important and popular brands we all love and support.

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