Quick Start Blackjack Bot

Download and register an account in one of the casinos that are supported by our bot (you can do this also after installing the bot, following the links that the bot will provide you). Important: download the english version of the software, that is guaranteed to work (we couldn’t test all the different language variations of the software).

Download, install and start the Blackjack Bot.

Inside the casino software, open the game “Blackjack” and choose “Single Player”.

Once the game window is open, choose: Scan tables on the Robot windows: it should appear the table available for the robot.

Bet as much as you want, and click on “Deal”: you will receive two cards, and that will be the first hand played by the robot.

Start the Robot by clicking on “Connect and Play”. Stop the Robot anytime by clicking on “Stop Play”, and adjust robot behaviour by clicking on “Settings”.