Quick Start Roulette Bot

Download and register an account (it can be a real money account or a play for fun account) in one of the casinos supported by our bot (you can do this also after installing the bot, following the links that the bot will provide you). Important: download the english version of the software, that is guaranteed to work (we couldn’t test all the different language variations of the software).

Download, install and start the Roulette Bot.

Inside the casino software, open the game “French Roulette”.

Our bot can play Roulette with 4 different Roulette system, explained below:

Dozen: a slow system, with a slow but regular profit, very secure: the bot will recognize when the Roulette focuses on a certain Dozen (1-12, 13-24, 25-36) and at the right time bet on the others

Half Dozen: this bot mixes a bet on half Roulette and on dozens in a very smart way, when it recognizes that the Roulette is focusing on a specific half of the wheel

Red/Black switch: one of the users favorite, the bot will recognize when the Roulette is focused on one color, and it will insist on that color, till the right time.

Martingale: dangerous system but potentially very profitable and fast, not reccomended: the bot will bet on the opposite color when there are too many repetitions on a certain color, and it will insist doubling on this bet till victory; use the settings to adjust the Max number of times that the Bot can perform

After choosing the desired system, and once the game window is open, choose: Scan tables on the Robot windows: it should appear the table available for the robot.

Start the Robot by clicking on “Connect and Play”. The wheel of the Roulette will start spinning with no money (it may spin also for a few minutes, cause the bot needs the perfect conditions to start betting), and the bot will bet when it is the right time.

Stop the Robot anytime by clicking on “Stop Play”.